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Midnight in Paris

I’ve always liked Woody Allen’s films.  I remember playing the part of Annie Hall when stopped by the State Patrol so many years ago in the 70’s…it helped me get just a warning for speeding…it could have been worse!  Midnight in Paris is just as fun! 

The movie took me by surprise, but it was a great surprise, and a fantastic journey.  We saw it in the historical Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee, right in the middle of all the inner city turmoil this summer.  It was a warm July weekend, and we ran in for the Sunday matinée showing (it can be challenging to be in the area at night). 

After the movie, and all the great French swing music, we walked onto the sidewalk outside the theatre, into a couple keeping pace with the pedestrian traffic.  She had taupe four inch heels, and a tight pencil skirt.  He was shouldering a guitar, and he asked “Did you just see ‘Midnight in Paris’?  Of course we did, and so we answered in the affirmative.  He said, “If you want to continue the experience, there is a French Swing Band playing at the Hotel Foster, right around the corner.”  They were suddenly lost in the crowd on the walk, and we looked at each other with the look that says to each other, “I’m game!” 

Sure enough, just around the corner, on the opposite side of the street, we saw the “Hotel Foster” sign.  We crossed at the light, and walked down the block to come into a really cool looking bar.  It apparently used to be a hotel, but was now a bar.  And sure enough, there was a French Swing Band playing, with open windows to the sidewalk “French” cafe, where patrons gathered with their brews, taking in the music and the city.

Yes, the guy with the guitar was right!  This did extend the movie experience!  Midnight in Paris is a fun movie, and if you can listen to a French Swing Band afterwards, it is so much more fun!


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